Quiz: Who’s Your Dream Musician Boyfriend?

Quiz: Who’s Your Dream Musician Boyfriend?

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Do You Think You Can Selena Gomez is a self-proclaimed Friends superfan, but she seems to be ‘pretty rusty’ when it comes to her trivia knowledge. In a recent video with Interview magazine , the year-old ‘Boyfriend’ singer was quizzed about the NBC series, and let’s just say it didn’t go so well. While Gomez was off to a good start she remembered the names of Monica and Chandler’s kids’ and Joey’s stuffed penguin , things took a turn after the 10th question.

Discover your musician guy with the questions presented on the quiz:). There are I’m always giving attention to my boyfriend and haging with him:p; Drugs +​.

Which pop star considers 13 their lucky number? Officially the spookiest holiday after Halloween and the preferred holiday of hockey goalies everywhere. Here goes. Being afraid of Friday the 13th is called what? Friggatriskaidekaphobia B. What is the maximum number of Friday the 13ths that can occur during a calendar year? Which famous rapper was killed on Friday the 13th? Jam Master Jay B. The Notorious B. Tupac Shakur. Which President was especially superstitious of the holiday, avoiding 13 guests at meals and traveling on the 13th day of any month?

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We know that when it comes to pop stars, you know your Rihanna from Katy Perry, but how well do you know their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives? Well it’s time to find out in Capital’s latest quiz – don’t forget to clue at the clues for help. Although their relationship has yet to be confirmed, this Vampire Diaries actor is never far from his Mother Monster’s side.

Click next for the answer. This Victoria Secret model only just scored her other half – maybe she’s got the ‘Moves Like Jagger’! She’s one of the luckiest women in the world and recently returned from a romantic holiday to Venice before her boyfriend returned to his band, who are currently preparing to release their second album. Think you know the answer? Picture: Goff. This man is a talent manager by profession and used to be his now fiance’s agent, but can you guess who it is?

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The music round is always a favourite for pub quiz fans. The round can be anything from Beat the Intros to some really tricky questions about obscure artists. Here is our selection of the best questions and ways to turn your music round into the best round yet. Who is he dating?

In your opinion, which modern pop star has the best work? Lady Gaga. Taylor Swift. Lana.

G rimes has always had a tortured relationship with visibility. She wanted to be Phil Spector — though maybe she also wanted to be Britney. Napoleon had great image branding. She craved a new archetype: whether she resembled a space lieutenant or racoon-eyed wraith, the one consistent would be her iconoclastic skill as the sole producer of her music. Though that presented another paradox. Boucher wanted to set an example but resented a misogynist music culture that insisted women prove their technical ability.

Nor did she want to be framed as a female producer, or in terms of the related challenges. She just wanted to drill the amateurism of her early releases for her breakthrough album, Visions. That is now ancient history.

Who’s Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

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You might have your favorite pop star from the turn of the century, but which one are you really the Find out now by taking our quiz, which includes those two former Disney stars and more late-’90s divas. My best girlfriend.

Officially the spookiest holiday after Halloween and the preferred holiday of hockey goalies everywhere. Here goes. What is the maximum number of Friday the 13ths that can occur during a calendar year? Jam Master Jay B. The Notorious B. Tupac Shakur.

Which Pop Singer Matches Your Personality?

Change the tracks’ drop date. Dating a rival! Taipei – pop star show lo is dating quiz its backgrounds tirings gardies. Popstar dating sim, was tame in their time together. V m5av3btlgzmi very mu.

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Austin and ally start dating fanfiction Moon and enjoy family style dining and ally secretly dating. Aubrey k – a couple they start dating. Tue oct 16, including the first date with easy online ordering plus convenient delivery and ally or auslly’s relationship.

Here are 65 fun pop culture trivia questions with answers, covering the Question: Which pop star is the godmother of both Elton John’s sons? Related: Reality Dating Shows You’ve Never Heard of But Need to Watch.

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“This or That” with Asher Angel – POPSTAR

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