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Adrian Swaby
Прокомментировал: Adrian Swaby

Triggered NiggsYT
Imagine he played football 🤣🤣🤣
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Milez WRLD
Why u in underwear tho my nigga?
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sam jennings
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Dian Kane
Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss secrets.
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King of Killers
Thumbnail: No gym needed
Real: With dumbbells

Прокомментировал: King of Killers

Teodoro Gottleber
What is the best way to lost lots of fat? I read plenty of superb opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost lots of weight. Has any one tried using this popular lose weight methods?
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Lacey Simon
Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine)? I have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular diet plan program.
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pandya rohit
Прокомментировал: pandya rohit

Just did this with resistance bands since dumbbells are ridiculously over priced.
Прокомментировал: YT SD

Can any one tell me what is the weight of dumbbell
Прокомментировал: PRANAY

Clem twa
Does sets mean I do the hole workout twice or repeat the one workout two times then move on to the next
Прокомментировал: Clem twa

Z Raid
who else is trying to get rid of skinny fat...
Прокомментировал: Z Raid

shaun Leon
Can anybody tell me the name of the first track thanks
Прокомментировал: shaun Leon

Terrence Singh
What do i eat Simeon?
Прокомментировал: Terrence Singh

the middle child is always unwanted
Dammm boiiii
Прокомментировал: the middle child is always unwanted

Cat Cute
Cool bra!!
Прокомментировал: Cat Cute

Ron Kuriakose
how many pushups can you do - everyone reply with your total
Прокомментировал: Ron Kuriakose

Jayden Krishen
Home workouts help a lot 🔥💯♥️
Прокомментировал: Jayden Krishen

He looks like the endgame character you haven’t yet unlocked.
Прокомментировал: deathtoy101

glen evans
How many weeks will it take to build muscle?
Прокомментировал: glen evans

Fayyaz Shaikh
One of the Best and Complete full body workout
Прокомментировал: Fayyaz Shaikh

sachin verma
Namastey 🙏🙏🙏
Прокомментировал: sachin verma

Drake Hiles
he looks like micheal B. jordan
Прокомментировал: Drake Hiles

I appreciate this man!
Прокомментировал: YT SD

Mohamed Zeek Nasser
Thankx man
Прокомментировал: Mohamed Zeek Nasser

arlan jason
I need someone to coach me anyone interested just let me know and also i got a question does smoke affect gaining mass?? Because i somke
Прокомментировал: arlan jason

hAha bïg brain
“No gym needed” is inside a gym you people are a waste of time lol
Прокомментировал: hAha bïg brain

nac granger
i love this routine thanks ❤️❤️❤️
Прокомментировал: nac granger

Thicc ass
Прокомментировал: Noblesse

Troy Heald
Прокомментировал: Troy Heald

Bailey Meldrum
true u said no equiment sodumb humans
Прокомментировал: Bailey Meldrum

This looks like a fucking video game, GTA online player Creation.
Прокомментировал: LovelyAslya

Fit Family South Africa
Howzit from South Africa! 🙂 Awesome workout! It's totally possible to guild muscle working out at home! Looking forward to your future content! We love training with resistance bands at home too. Our Last 2 videos are a Leg and booty workout for ladies and Chest, shoulder, back and bicep strength workout for guys (or ladies). Would love to know what you think!
Прокомментировал: Fit Family South Africa

David Beachem
He's technically right. But to have a physique like him you still need Equipment.
Прокомментировал: David Beachem

Su-Yau Huang
wow you are the best, you just saved me thousands to go to gym!!! does your wife have similar videos for girl? i would like to recommend this to my gf
Прокомментировал: Su-Yau Huang

Vanilla Gorilla69
Simeon panda is a genius one of my favorites!!!!
Прокомментировал: Vanilla Gorilla69

Tenretni Tnuocca
No gym needed. Proceeds to using gym equipments 🤦‍♂️
Прокомментировал: Tenretni Tnuocca

Hurtful Raven
Прокомментировал: Hurtful Raven

Seceder Mario Black
Thank you so much for posting this video EVERYTHING I need !!!!
Прокомментировал: Seceder Mario Black

Darrick Barba
Bruce Lee did 1500 push ups a day and 400 with one hand. He didn’t get a chest like yours. What’s the difference. Would it of been his diet?
Прокомментировал: Darrick Barba

Kidisti Yohannes
Trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and you will be saved.
Прокомментировал: Kidisti Yohannes

Luis Diaz
It’s a in home gym so how is it no gym
Прокомментировал: Luis Diaz

Marvel Avengers
It really helps thanks
Прокомментировал: Marvel Avengers

Black guy against black background hhmmmm
Прокомментировал: Dario

Прокомментировал: ٍEM SH

『 ssj m1cah 』
Yes, I am the quiet kid.
Прокомментировал: 『 ssj m1cah 』

Wow, what abs you have!
I too love my abs so much that I protect them with a thick layer of fat.😂

Прокомментировал: ZBHASKAR Karki

Dave Humphreys
Am I missing something here? I understood that the theme of this video was 'Bodybuilding WITHOUT weights', and here you are explaining how you got your physique WITH weights. Well, congratulations. I've been using weights for 45 years and haven't put on so much as an ounce of muscle mass!! I was looking for another alternative. Guess I'll just have to keep on looking.
Прокомментировал: Dave Humphreys

Michael Jarrell
Motivation 👍🏽
Прокомментировал: Michael Jarrell

I did this workout and threw up...
Прокомментировал: IgniteTheSkyy

No wa ???
Прокомментировал: ZULFI KARD

I just did my first home workout, based on this video. I must have bought some Argos York weights years ago and forgot about them because my mum brought them over yesterday. I'm glad she had them because the price of new dumbbells has gone through the roof with the pandemic. Thanks for the tips. I'll be keeping this workout up every few days.
Прокомментировал: Milesenberg

pasion deportiva y motivacion
Hello, I recommend my channel is super
Прокомментировал: pasion deportiva y motivacion

L adedayo
I’m lifting right now
Прокомментировал: L adedayo

Call of duty Gameplay
Hands down the best bodybuilder on YouTube 👍
Прокомментировал: Call of duty Gameplay

predicon wasspinator
Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I am trying to better myself (I was 325lbs but now I’m 268lbs) but I don’t wanna just lose the weight. I wanna build up. I’m tired of being ridiculed. Thank you
Прокомментировал: predicon wasspinator

But he doesn’t tell you how much of each exercise to do?
Прокомментировал: WierdHairGrows

Kino AB
I'm asian, skinny guy weighing 74kgs, 6' ft tall. I want to gain some muscles since we are in quarantine. A small space of room and I only have one dumbbell (up to 10lbs). I have a severe depression and panic attack disorder due to traumatic event. Can you guys help me how do I start? I started on biceps 2 sets of 20, triceps 2 sets of 10, sit ups 10, push ups 10 and having rest day in between. My meal is composed of south east asian, i eat a heavy meal in lunch and dinner (I eat brown rice, not white rice). For breakfast I eat a bread with a peanut butter and a cup of tea. Should I consume a protein shake like mutant mass? or I can just stick to my heavy meal eating routine. I'm a complete beginner and I need help. Thank you
Прокомментировал: Kino AB

Vishakha Banerjee
build real muscle at home

no make the gym your new home

Прокомментировал: Vishakha Banerjee

Sure you did it in your house. but none of us though you put the gym in your house
Прокомментировал: Smec

Grayson Schmell
Yo I am jacked on my abs but everywhere else I am ok. Btw I am 10 I work out 3 times a week for about a year almost
Прокомментировал: Grayson Schmell

Meek Santi
How many set's of each do u do
Прокомментировал: Meek Santi

Param Som
Sir... I have no dumbels
Прокомментировал: Param Som

Eric Lau ASMR
I mean it still looks like a gym to me.... 👀
Прокомментировал: Eric Lau ASMR

Elinor Lloyd
What is Episoketren System? Does it work? I hear lots of people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.
Прокомментировал: Elinor Lloyd

What he calls home gym is bigger than my district gym..😂😂
Прокомментировал: Krishna

Heng Shierly
No gym but with equipment
Прокомментировал: Heng Shierly

christopher brown
I've bad Gene's
Прокомментировал: christopher brown

Gjjff .fftyjds
watching this while eatting fat food LoL
Прокомментировал: Gjjff .fftyjds

زكرياء صباح الدين
I have a programm of 110 push ups a day it's very good but i hope you did a wokout video without any materials just with your body weight.
Прокомментировал: زكرياء صباح الدين

Sunnatbek Gafforov
King of Fitness Thanks Bro💪👌
Прокомментировал: Sunnatbek Gafforov

hello world
oh man this is absolutely perfect. I've been looking for a routine like this for months. not to mention the absolute quality of the cameraman and editor. excellent content 10/10.
Прокомментировал: hello world

We found a new captain America
Прокомментировал: XEsclipse

shahzain zeeshan
you stupiad you have witten in your vido that how to build real muscle plus no gym need wow are mad is this a way of showing vidieos you have alredy build your muscles your stupiad lecture is in no need its better you should zip your mouth
Прокомментировал: shahzain zeeshan

blessy blessy
No gym no change✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Прокомментировал: blessy blessy

Oboy 2.0
Can someone please tell me if I can turn this into a PPL workout and add some of my own exercises in addition to this for example for pull day can I use bentover rows, chinups and bicep curls?
Прокомментировал: Oboy 2.0

I don't want to get that huge like you i want to just have a bit bigger arms chest and some packs
Прокомментировал: Klarija

well made video mate, appreciate the advice 👍
Прокомментировал: Rob

Sky Summer
Nice Body! Beautiful Skin!!!!
Прокомментировал: Sky Summer

Android Game's
Can I ask some questions? Hope you notice me
Прокомментировал: Android Game's

Marcus Moody
Прокомментировал: Marcus Moody

Mohammed Almehairi
How much times should we do this weekly
Прокомментировал: Mohammed Almehairi

Rick Sevilla
Should I do this daily or every other day?
Прокомментировал: Rick Sevilla

HariPrakashRaj Karthik
Sim,you are a gym freak bro🔥
Прокомментировал: HariPrakashRaj Karthik

Brentley Cool Face
I've been work out for a year now I have a six pack growing. I was doing a lot of crutches and sit ups.
Прокомментировал: Brentley Cool Face

The One
Title says that it’s at home work out , “(no gym need)” but the guy is working out at a gym.
Прокомментировал: The One

Should i train everyday or what, whats the best?
Прокомментировал: Nuclear

Darian Alvarez
Guys. lost lots of weight doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some tips right now. Get a popular weight loss method called Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). Thanks to it I've lost a lot of fat. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I do not want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a great mood right now so I'll share the wealth lol.
Прокомментировал: Darian Alvarez

Kelvatine Montana
No 'gym equipments 'whom are you trying to fool
Прокомментировал: Kelvatine Montana

I didn't have any money as a kid and did what I could.. chin ups push up, crunches. At one point, I had a wooden dowel with things hanging from it, can't recall. My parents bought me a 110 lb set with the concrete filled weights for my bday. That was really something.
Прокомментировал: bg147

Young Ángel
Name of the first track beat ?
Прокомментировал: Young Ángel

Akash Giri fitness
Hey guys follow my you tube channel about related to fitness and i will give you some important tips for army raelly because i have pass indian army physical 2 time
Прокомментировал: Akash Giri fitness

Mardell Drake
Has anyone used the Custokebon Secrets to lost crazy amounts of weight? Just do a search engine search. On there you'll discover a great suggestions about how you can lost crazy amounts of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it is going to work for you too.
Прокомментировал: Mardell Drake

thank you man! you have no idea how long i’ve searched for something like this. gonna get swole this quarantine❗️💯
Прокомментировал: josh

Brooks Addison
Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many people burn their fat with this popular weight loss diet plan.
Прокомментировал: Brooks Addison

jibraan dhirani
damn the guy recording needs a raise
Прокомментировал: jibraan dhirani

but how many times i should do?
Прокомментировал: SENKO ISHEGAMI

Angel Martinez
How much more set and reps if u feel like u can do more
Прокомментировал: Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez
Wht if u just have dumb bells tht u cant change?
Прокомментировал: Angel Martinez