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Chasing Aesthetics Ep 2 | How I'm Getting Stronger On A Cut | Reunited w/ Drew

Информация о видео Chasing Aesthetics Ep 2 | How I'm Getting Stronger On A Cut | Reunited w/ Drew

Название :  Chasing Aesthetics Ep 2 | How I'm Getting Stronger On A Cut | Reunited w/ Drew
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Дата публикации :   20200814
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Dylan McKnight
I freaking love the vibe this video gives off, one of my favorites to make. Hope you all enjoy the video.. I know you’ve missed Drew ☺️. I’ll try to post again this weekend to get consistent once more. 59k on our way to 60,000 subs...unreal guys. I love you all.
Прокомментировал: Dylan McKnight

Connor Bass
Best video yet!!
Прокомментировал: Connor Bass

For Apply
11:05 its like the crime documentarys where they blur out the suspect
Прокомментировал: For Apply

nextzyzz kidding
wtf this was uploaded last week??? I was refreshing ur channel yesterday couldnt see shit
Прокомментировал: nextzyzz kidding

Miguel Alferes
I like your videos but I personally feel like it’s missing a bit more of detail on what you’d doing in your work out and why I think it would helpful to your viewers just a suggestion. 👍
Прокомментировал: Miguel Alferes

Can someone help me how to bulk please I dont understand his videos plsss:(
Прокомментировал: Andi

Leo M
Song name?
Прокомментировал: Leo M

Tyler Blair
Do you ever squat dude?
Прокомментировал: Tyler Blair

Doug Cote
For real you need make a video from how you started day one to where you are now. Other than pounding tons of calories and protein, what was your workout plan like at first? How long before you really started noticing a difference? What did you change after a few months when you got the hang of it? The do's and don'ts. I want a journey similar to yours.
Прокомментировал: Doug Cote

Where does Dylan live? That drone shot looked amazing of the overview of wherever he was!
Прокомментировал: LIL BRU RAPS

I need a training partner man watching your friend push himself to his limits motivates me
Прокомментировал: T

Forgotten Files
He looks like garen
Прокомментировал: Forgotten Files

what are those raises????
Прокомментировал: Geeode

Greasy Mexican69
I’ll see at 1 mill subs bro
Прокомментировал: Greasy Mexican69

Make a full day of eating including your supplements since you are on a cut
Прокомментировал: imEddie

Benjamin Futch
holy triceps
Прокомментировал: Benjamin Futch

woah bro you had 5k subs only a few months ago
Прокомментировал: Mikeyus

David Persson
A lot of reps were failed in this video
Прокомментировал: David Persson

Brian Barone
Damn it’s beautiful where you live...where abouts is it and keep up the great content
Прокомментировал: Brian Barone

chilly cheeze
Glad to see your doing good and staying posative, keep up the insanely good work bossman 💪💪
Прокомментировал: chilly cheeze

jonathan williams
starting my bulk... wish me luck, u inspired me so thank you
Прокомментировал: jonathan williams

The Mexican Nacho
How tall and heavy is this guy?
Прокомментировал: The Mexican Nacho

George Efsta
Ever since I started watching ur vids and was inspired to dirty bulk I’ve gained 13 pounds in 4 months and all of my lifts have gone up. Thx for the good content bro
Прокомментировал: George Efsta

Somar Mas
I am for asking but what are your injuries?
Прокомментировал: Somar Mas

Caleb Perkins
get him to 60K!!!!
Прокомментировал: Caleb Perkins

Caleb Perkins
Is all he does chest and shoulders? lmao
Прокомментировал: Caleb Perkins

Gustavo Gomes
bro u look awesome but u would nice ever better with a new haircut!
Прокомментировал: Gustavo Gomes

Seyit Halat
So happy Drew is back! :)
Прокомментировал: Seyit Halat

Mason Palaga
U have no clue what your talking about. Go to college first.
Прокомментировал: Mason Palaga

TT 8s
Very good typ of filming nice Video keep goin bro
Прокомментировал: TT 8s

Dylan don't cut too much you look fantastic if you want abs work on bulking them so they can show through more fat.
Прокомментировал: Doublepump

Can someone help?

I’m trying to bulk up too.

At the start of 8th grade(I’m a freshman right now) I was 115 lb and I bulked to 170.

I currently weigh 170 and I want to be 185-190 by August for football season. Although I’m no where near as big as you.

I’m 6ft and I hear that your about 5’11 why does it seem like you have so much more mass?

Also any tips for bulking/gaining strength?

I currently try to progressively overload as much as I can.

I eat in a caloric surplus and track my macros(I’d like to gain weight but I also wanna stay as lean as I can)

So any tips from anyone would be helpful thanks!

Прокомментировал: GangstaGimp

Eyob Tedros
Keep the good work do body measurment big fun
Прокомментировал: Eyob Tedros

The best natural I know in YouTube ...
Прокомментировал: Dark

Sebas Alink
Your cut goes nice and slowly bro 💪🏼
Прокомментировал: Sebas Alink

Yeah Buddy
When we getting this lift session in together?
Прокомментировал: Yeah Buddy

Splash King
Bro ur literally one of my inspirations to start lifting and buffing up. Thank u so much bro <3
Прокомментировал: Splash King

Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthy
Прокомментировал: Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthy

Your perseverance inspires me to be great no cap
Прокомментировал: Muhammad.R

- Boss
Hey bro watching your videos makes me want to start working out again. Thanks for the motivation😤
Прокомментировал: - Boss

shaheer shujaat
Wow Dylan your body is looking very nice and beautiful amazing workout at the gym video well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍
Прокомментировал: shaheer shujaat

Priit Toomingas
When will you start training your legs?
Прокомментировал: Priit Toomingas

Mohamed Amine n
Youre so strange, you gain a lot of muscle in 1 year, and get stronger when you get lean?
Прокомментировал: Mohamed Amine n

Hair cut please
Прокомментировал: T B

Jose Lopez
Off topic, but the first song is so old. So underground and somehow you found it. Felt weird hearing it again... Looking cut man 🤟🏼
Прокомментировал: Jose Lopez

Msft Steeze
rear delts?
Прокомментировал: Msft Steeze

Sweetbaby Geezus
This is a fitness channel?
Прокомментировал: Sweetbaby Geezus

Walter haller
I love what your doing, but soreness is not a indicator of growth, just search up a any scientific vid on it, for example, run 10km, ull be sore asf, but ain't gonna build any muscle cause the tension is too low, search up Jeff nippards video or Jeremy either or shredded sports science, good videos tho
Прокомментировал: Walter haller

Had to like for the nostalgic music
Прокомментировал: ares

Sadekur Rahman Saad
What are the songs running in the background?
Прокомментировал: Sadekur Rahman Saad

The fact he’s wearing a stringer. Pure confidence from the young lad.
Прокомментировал: BismackBiyomboFan22

Lil Ledo
That camera be blurry as hell when you were talking
Прокомментировал: Lil Ledo

Byron Dossett
What drone do you use?
Прокомментировал: Byron Dossett

The Red or Blue Pill
Anyone body know the song at 5:15?
Прокомментировал: The Red or Blue Pill

Cole Chavers
Relax your lats bro 😂😂😂😂
Прокомментировал: Cole Chavers

Where’s Drew’s channel
Прокомментировал: TheJoeBean

Can't wait to see u lean my guy...
Прокомментировал: StorM

Fuark Brah
wtf is this, bunch of skinnyfat natty teens who look just like everyguy in the gym, it's 2020 get on the level of lex little, anthony, laid, mckenna etc or wtf are u doing uploading youtube vids preaching lmao
Прокомментировал: Fuark Brah

Danny Visser
Man i am loving your video's lately! Keep going mate
Прокомментировал: Danny Visser

Wow so much snow, what part of the US is this?

Great video as always 👍🏻💪🏻

Прокомментировал: Jonathan

Elijah Prescott
DOMS is an indication of growth, it just doesn't necessarily mean you had a "good" workout. You don't have to be sore for it to have been good. Maybe that's what the people commenting that meant
Прокомментировал: Elijah Prescott

First song?
Прокомментировал: P3RK4N

Waking drew up is a bit gay


Прокомментировал: P3RK4N

Leo Levander
Why did you throw up?
Прокомментировал: Leo Levander

Love your content man.
Dunno if you're actually looking for a new camera, but a Sony a6300 or Canon 80D would probably have better autofocus and image quality, especially paired with like a Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 ART lens.
Not the cheapest, not the most expensive either. Might be worth a shot in the long run. 😉

Прокомментировал: Borisi

This dude looks even on cut big enough without steroids 💪🏼
Прокомментировал: AlphaDestination

DT 25
Does homie train legs?
Прокомментировал: DT 25

Brendan Lacey
I watch for the faces Dylan makes while lifting
Прокомментировал: Brendan Lacey

Terry Perkins
What state are you in?
Прокомментировал: Terry Perkins

yung pulse
Wish all the best for you man❤️❤️
Прокомментировал: yung pulse

Scott Hunter Bowman
sick chest workout brother!
Прокомментировал: Scott Hunter Bowman

Tom Jackson
Where’s the 300lb bench press?
Прокомментировал: Tom Jackson

That intro🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣
Прокомментировал: AmanPlayz

Anyone else click the like button before even watching the video? It's always great content
Прокомментировал: Joshua

slimsh4ddy 02
How old is he?
Прокомментировал: slimsh4ddy 02

Inspiring me to bulk this year for the whole year, LETS GET IT
Прокомментировал: qaesar09

Hicham the king in the north
The last natty on YouTube lol
Прокомментировал: Hicham the king in the north

3 eyed fish
Why dont you train abs?
Прокомментировал: 3 eyed fish

Maniacal Orange18
Today's my rest day. Watching this makes me wanna go to the gym because of the pump I get. Great Video Dy! 💪
Прокомментировал: Maniacal Orange18

sam thomas
Be careful with the vomiting. I vomited from eating to much for 3 times. I am set back for three months now because i couldnt see food for a long time. Its only now that i am able to eat enough without feeling ill again.
Прокомментировал: sam thomas

Almost shed a tear
Прокомментировал: Prome

Cooper Washington
Love the videos but god damn a lot of these forms are below average
Прокомментировал: Cooper Washington

Jordan Hay
Dylan is salt the secret they don’t want us to know?
Прокомментировал: Jordan Hay

those intros man are more dramatic than my gf
Прокомментировал: Hussam

Daniel Serrano
Dylan, how many hours of sleep do u get per night on average?
Прокомментировал: Daniel Serrano

McLovin '
Can you put the songs in the description?
Прокомментировал: McLovin '

Currently began bulking myself because of you and drew! Keep up the good work mann
Прокомментировал: Ditz3n

Totally awesome man!
Прокомментировал: pmikeymike

Luck Mon
Do you have a track list you use when you work out?
Прокомментировал: Luck Mon

Shafin Islam
Can’t wait to see you shredded
Прокомментировал: Shafin Islam

Luiggi Huerta
Dylan do you overhead press?
Прокомментировал: Luiggi Huerta

Song in the begging
Прокомментировал: FaYa_Nekroz

Прокомментировал: FaYa_Nekroz

Killian Curran
Bro you should be careful having so much salt it's not good for your heart. Love the content btw
Прокомментировал: Killian Curran

Rook Ben
8:15 what you actually came for
Прокомментировал: Rook Ben

Janoy Cresva
No legs ? Again
Прокомментировал: Janoy Cresva

Griffin Fanning
Do more voice over workouts plsss
Прокомментировал: Griffin Fanning

why is your form like that on the lat flys
Прокомментировал: Slep

Adarsh Goel
You make absolutely amazing videos and you have an absolutely amazing story. I seriously have no idea why you don't have a million subscribers yet.
Прокомментировал: Adarsh Goel

Jovany Soriano
Wanna see a squat vid
Прокомментировал: Jovany Soriano

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