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LOVE [HD] Bodybuilding Motivation

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Название :  LOVE [HD] Bodybuilding Motivation
Продолжительность :   03:01:57
Пользователь :  id 935861094762
Дата публикации :   20200221
Просмотры :   25 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   700
Не понравилось :   44

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charles christian
I like the thought 💭 and context you put into these videos I can’t speak for everyone but they help me so thanks 😊
Прокомментировал: charles christian

Florut alexandru
Rip dalas piana
Прокомментировал: Florut alexandru

Stronggamer Girl
Get some !!!!💪🏼💪🏼🤟🏼💃🏼
Прокомментировал: Stronggamer Girl

Jack Nicholson
I follow all the channels, watch tons of videos, I really like the aesthetic of your videos. Can I suggest using some other bodybuilders:
wesley visser
artemus dolgin
Broen ansley
patrick moore
Chris bumstead

Just maybe some more relatable ones in some sense.

Much love.

Прокомментировал: Jack Nicholson

Troy Johnson
Great speech
Прокомментировал: Troy Johnson

Kris Kriss
Rip dallas and rich....
Прокомментировал: Kris Kriss

Shivansh Rai
Joaquin phoenix Oscar speech 😎😎
Прокомментировал: Shivansh Rai

good video
Прокомментировал: jolupakagames

good video
Прокомментировал: jolupakagames

Vitor Andrade
Прокомментировал: Vitor Andrade

Paul Edwards
Real nice. Alot of heart
Прокомментировал: Paul Edwards

Kash Mos
I really enjoyed this Jordan! Also kind of needed it. Keep doing what you are doing 👍🏼
Прокомментировал: Kash Mos

born ectomorph live mesomorph
You're going to get hate for the speech. Fuck the haters. Glad you had the balls to use it on here.
Прокомментировал: born ectomorph live mesomorph

XRise AboveAllX
Please bring back silence ! Idk why it got deleted one of the best videos you had hands down!
Прокомментировал: XRise AboveAllX

Real HERO speech who truly deserve the OSCAR. JOAQUIN PHOENIX😇
Прокомментировал: Theranjhajogi

germano marini
Beautiful video
Прокомментировал: germano marini

germano marini
Great, thks!!!
Прокомментировал: germano marini

Ben Ben
Even when some of y’all don’t like the speech, I really like it because it’s something different, it doesn’t always need to be HARDCORE BODYBUILDING RIP SHIT IN HALF kinda stuff. Great video 👍
Прокомментировал: Ben Ben

Ronnie Coleman
Good job bro👍
Прокомментировал: Ronnie Coleman

Muscle360 with Waleed
My arms size went up from 40% to 73% after i watched this video
Прокомментировал: Muscle360 with Waleed

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LOVE [HD] Bodybuilding Motivation LOVE [HD] Bodybuilding Motivation
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