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My Calisthenics Programs:
👉 fitnessfaqs.com

Прокомментировал: FitnessFAQs

why the automatic subtitles here are not available?
Прокомментировал: yanstr

Gurmehr Singh
Amazing quality and amazing info! Thanks a lot Daniel!😃
Прокомментировал: Gurmehr Singh

Killuminat Hitler
Thats not all True every Kind of rap if it’s up to 30-100 reps or les reps everything Has his Function .... but there is One rule Stability goes Overall .... if u do 3 reps in 45 seconds u should Compare the fast reps with the Time .... at 45 seconds for Example 40 reps , but the Time where the Muscle is under tension is the same Time of stability ... but fast or explosive reps have their function in specific Sports
Прокомментировал: Killuminat Hitler

Good work Daniel. Respect from Albania
Прокомментировал: lucas

Waldus Lacroix
Best gym ever
Прокомментировал: Waldus Lacroix

alejo szerman
please aloud the automatic translation of subtitles, in all your videos please, mi english sucks. amazing channel daniel, thanks for all.
Прокомментировал: alejo szerman

Harsh Joglekar
Can someone explain in pleb language what to really do
Прокомментировал: Harsh Joglekar

Siddharth Dahiya
Прокомментировал: Siddharth Dahiya

Siddharth Dahiya
Thank u brother
Прокомментировал: Siddharth Dahiya

Awesome video Daniel, great explanations for calisthenic techniques
Прокомментировал: NZJB

Kasper Hekmatyar
Daniel, regarding the reps, what if 12 reps doesnt make me fatigue that much, should I just go up till almost fail? or should I keep sticking to 12 reps?
Прокомментировал: Kasper Hekmatyar

D Quixote
Hello from Turkey. My English is bad. İ can' t understand to speaking. Please, you add English subtitle:)))
Прокомментировал: D Quixote

It'll be good if you provide subtitles
Прокомментировал: NAWWAF VARIKKODAN

Sahotra Farman jaan
Good Game
Прокомментировал: Sahotra Farman jaan

Pedro Lima
If the 'body only understands fatigue' regardless of lower reps or moderate reps, why should high reps be excluded? How can anybody do a set of 50 consecutive pullups and not be fatigued?
Прокомментировал: Pedro Lima

kapil sharma
Yes........ you're right....... calisthenics is far better than free weights .........I get 14.5 inches biceps from 12 inches biceps in just 5-6 months calisthenics and bodyweight training...........I think calisthenics is the best way to build muscle
Прокомментировал: kapil sharma

Rishabh Pandey
No doubt calisthenics build some serious muscle. But this requires patience, unlike using external weights which is pretty straight forward. Speaking from experience, we as calisthenics athletes, we can't leave any weak links, since every movement and skill will build the foundation for further skills.
Прокомментировал: Rishabh Pandey

I love this video. I have watched it a couple of times and need to come back and watch again a few more. So much to take away. I'm a hard gainer and tried the Bodyweight Evolution program and got stuck a few weeks in because I found the volume too high for me, I think I was over training. I still think I overtrain. Need to find those useful reps and not go to failure so much. I really loved the 100 pull up work out that I did yesterday, that got me pumped.
Прокомментировал: ClarkyXPH

Talentless Golfer
Nice video but completely disagree on the motor unit theory. Check out Chad Waterbury for an expert's explanation, but if what you are saying is true then after a long a marathon your fast twitch units would kick in at the end.
Прокомментировал: Talentless Golfer

What do you call the equipment you use to do the eccentric hamstring exercises please (around 2:15)? I would like to buy one.
Прокомментировал: sam

thanks for the knowledge.... you have my abo! :)
Прокомментировал: TestTest

Eccentric training, isolation exercises, and isometrics. Great video.
Прокомментировал: Chillu

jeppe madsen
My fitness has Been closed due to corona virus- so i be getting into calestetics for a while
Прокомментировал: jeppe madsen

You can definitely build muscle using only bodyweight exercises. You cannot however build maximum muscle. No one's going to win the Olympia without touching weights, even with the juice.
Прокомментировал: sorenpx

Diego SAGrande
Прокомментировал: Diego SAGrande

Mickey Singh
Can you put a link /name the resistance bands in your video
Прокомментировал: Mickey Singh

David Valencia Novoa
i need subtls!!!!
Прокомментировал: David Valencia Novoa

eqnawr sayaṃ
nice information.

thanks for sharing.

Прокомментировал: eqnawr sayaṃ

Master Chief
yeah bodybuilding without squats and deadlifts seems about right
Прокомментировал: Master Chief

Very nice video, highly informative and clean, with no wasted time for useless words bearing no meaning or silly ads every 3 minutes, Thank you, love your style!
Прокомментировал: eXwade

Morley Bridwell
I would be very interested in a video where you give a walkthrough of tips for filming exercise, how you edit your videos, doing voiceovers, what editing software you use etc.. Hope to see one in the future!
Прокомментировал: Morley Bridwell

Evil Twin Nancy
Thank you so much for this. I want to use calisthenics to build my body (I'm an extra small woman) but I lose confidence when I hear all the misinformed say that it won't build muscle and I eventually go back to the weights. My tiny frame doesn't like the weights. I really needed this video. Thank you!
Прокомментировал: Evil Twin Nancy

Unwavering Discipline
I only know one rule. Consistency. 💪💪👊
Прокомментировал: Unwavering Discipline

Pls make a video on increasing

Прокомментировал: Dhruv

kris sompson
Hi Daniel, i know that doing both horizontal(rows and variations of it) and vertical pulling(pull ups,chin ups etc)are important for a beginner in calisthenics but if someone becomes more advanced what style of pulls should he focus more(horizontal or vertical) and also what would you choose ,which one would be more beneficial for a calisthenics athlete if he is an advanced one?
Прокомментировал: kris sompson

Le Crassous
Real talk once again
Прокомментировал: Le Crassous

Riri Go
auto subtitle please
Прокомментировал: Riri Go

Володимир Крвавич
How long isometric sets would you recommend to do for start using them?
I can perform 15 clear pull-ups.

Прокомментировал: Володимир Крвавич

José Beretta
Is cluster training good for building muscle?
Прокомментировал: José Beretta

Man, I've been training for three years, but minimum gains. I'm going to start training everyday.
Прокомментировал: JAWBONE

Jorge González
You should try adding English or multiple languages subtitles to your videos. Your audience would increase a lot.
Прокомментировал: Jorge González

Hunter Moericke
i think that what people mean by not building muscle in calisthenics is the fact that you can't really build really big size like you can in body building. I call it unnecessary muscle mass. All that size body builders gain is completely useless to relative strength and endurance, and can't really be applied to real world situations besides something extremely heavy being pushed on top of you or someone else... in which case you're probably already dead or injured bad enough that you can't push it off anyways. The size you can build with calisthenics is perfect, and if anyone actually cares, it's what girls find most attractive. 99% of girls are scared of dudes with hulk like muscles. there ya go meat heads, looks like you've been wasting your time. All those big IFBB pro body builders can't even come close to competing to people who live the calisthenics lifestyle. We have super human strength that took way more patience and hard work than anything those giants had to deal with.
Прокомментировал: Hunter Moericke

Joe Hudson
How do u avoid overuse injuries
Прокомментировал: Joe Hudson

Mike Asterios
There are a bit too many technical words per sentence, I find it a bit tough to follow. Where can I learn the jargon used in this kind of talk?
Прокомментировал: Mike Asterios

Sagaya Raj
Anyone from Tamilnadu?
Прокомментировал: Sagaya Raj

Emily-Rose Braithwaite
Literally one of the best Calisthenic videos I’ve watched. Thank you for the amazing detail, also the speed of how you speak because it’s so clear. 🙌
Прокомментировал: Emily-Rose Braithwaite

Keg Wg
And I got one more question- my arm is pretty thin at the elbow any Tipps to train the part exactly above the elbow
Прокомментировал: Keg Wg

J Goode
great content
3:36 has to be undoubtable top of the pull exercises for the posterior chain. great demonstration!

Прокомментировал: J Goode

Veekshan Vickee
Make some videos on nutrition too plz
Прокомментировал: Veekshan Vickee

Ryan Scott
Your statements at 4:35 and 7:54 highlight a point that I've vaguely suspected to be intuitive but never quite took to heart and implemented fully. It's not surprising to hear that the most impactful catalyst for growth tends to occur when discomfort and lack of control are at their peak. Would it be appropriate to treat the early reps in a set like necessary stepping stones on the path to reaching that critical struggle phase where actual adaptations are forced to emerge? I feel as though there's an under-appreciated mental component required while trying to successfully surpass your previous limit or personal best. 
An ongoing challenge I've encountered is finding a way to maintain composure during that moment when the instinct to bail out kicks in due to the unfamiliar and stressful nature of the sensory experience. If the initial repetitions are essentially a given, and mainly serve to propel you towards the crucial juncture characterized by an almost fight or flight response, I'm just wondering what quality some people seem to possess that allows them to stay engaged and persevere in the midst of the part which is arguably of greatest importance in terms of promoting tangible development.

Прокомментировал: Ryan Scott

Forearms without hair look weird af.
Прокомментировал: 21Nate21

Mr X
Now now, let's get those terms right. Calisthenics is either that female ballet invented in the 50's or street workouts consisting of advanced moves like muscle ups and spin flips. Not common friggin Pull ups or Dips.
Why even bring that term up? You had a title "bodyweight BB" then all of a sudden outta nowhere comes "Calisthenics"!?
Anyways, I don't really care... Except that it is confusing, annoying and soon we'll have ppl calling it "Calisthenics" as soon as they get outta bed.

Прокомментировал: Mr X

Roy van loosbroek
4:48 effective reps is still just a scientific concept though the evidence points toward it being a fact. they aren't far enough in the research to be completely sure it has effect. it is most likely more effective as it doesn't involve going to failure but there isn't complete certainty. I think it was good to include as it is great infromation however you also discredit it at 5:30 saying low intensity can't build muscle. the principle of effective reps however points towards higher reps as having similar if not greater effectivenes when implemented correctly.

please take this as feedback, the video overal has great information. calistenics is an amazing form of fitness but is hard to implement correctly. you are one of the few calistenics youtubers who knows what they are talking about unlike the moron known as Chris heria for instance. Liked and Subbed.

Прокомментировал: Roy van loosbroek

cyber weaponry by Dinidu
Pls only 30k
Прокомментировал: cyber weaponry by Dinidu

Hey, can you tell us what your weight and hight is and what body fat % your rocking? Just wondering. Thanks
Прокомментировал: Merciles1234

Weekend Mountain Biker
What's good about this training is you can do it at a park with wherever. It cross trains nicely with standard weight training 💪👌🤙
Прокомментировал: Weekend Mountain Biker

Ariel Reyes
Hi, how many times a week should i do isometrics? Thanks
Прокомментировал: Ariel Reyes

o-J Bray
Hello Daniel. I've been following for years and totally love your work. I'm interested in more in depth reading on biomechanics and human physiology. Could you please suggest some good authors you have found useful? All my best

Прокомментировал: o-J Bray

Len J
Great for time under tension. Terrible for your joints.
Прокомментировал: Len J

Vector The goat
Idk why I’m watching this I’m 3 and can do 80 push-ups in a minute
Прокомментировал: Vector The goat

Teo Superman
Nice work don't stop 💪☑️
Прокомментировал: Teo Superman

Felix Martin
I personally believe we can, but we still need weights on some cases, ie: weighted pull-ups/push-ups etc, squats&lunges. Also, set your goals realistically, don't expect Arnold's 100% similar body. A jacked elite (Olympic) gymnasts body is achievable&realistic for us. But that requires A LOT of dedication and 5+ years of consistent training&nutrition. They train 6 days every week and spend at least a 2-hour session with lots of stuff!!
Прокомментировал: Felix Martin

Adam Durey
yeah, but when people say bodybuilding they mean they wanna be hekin dad-bod built. you're fit for sure but your not built like a builder.
Прокомментировал: Adam Durey

So... have you never used weights for training?
Прокомментировал: Dan

Mohamed Orayith
Guys I can’t get more than 11 pull ups; I’ve hit a wall!
Anyone have any tips on how to increase this number?????
Thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼

Прокомментировал: Mohamed Orayith

Daniel Thomas
You will grow lots of muscle with high volume calisthenics more effectively than just lower reps
Прокомментировал: Daniel Thomas

mr thinkvoid
Brilliant interesting video! Answered alot of questions in this one video many thanks
Прокомментировал: mr thinkvoid

Need to find a gym that has calisthenic equipment. Local gyms are lacking..
Прокомментировал: SnakeyXT

advanced inverted row como lo hago?
Прокомментировал: Miguel!

Jonathan c
Are you open about your steroid use?
Прокомментировал: Jonathan c

Jonathan c
It’s not impossible it’s just harder to progress than putting on an extra 5lbs on the bar
Прокомментировал: Jonathan c

Tenzin Lee
Really like the new intro with the "Aussie Physio" instead of the exhale!
Прокомментировал: Tenzin Lee

mr. electricidad
Gigguk is that you
Прокомментировал: mr. electricidad

Ade B
you said high rep calisthenics builds endurance, not muscle....so what about Hannibal, Bartendas, Fit Semi, Bam Bam, Team Wingate just to name a few. i dig your channel bro, but we gotta keep the facts straight. All of them do high reps and have built endurance, strength and muscle. ijs
Прокомментировал: Ade B

Zamils Everyday
Truth is ,The most effective way to build muscle is — working out regularly
Прокомментировал: Zamils Everyday

Keg Wg
Im sorry for asking such a frequently asked question, but first of a little bit about myself:

I’ve already been to the gym a few years back and with that being said I trained what is known as I’d call it hypertrophy specific training with about 3 sets and 10-12 reps each.

Now to my question:
My goal is to develope a good looking physique without having too much muscle mass and on the other hand I want a good amount of strength.
I don’t know whether I only primarily develope a better mind-muscle connection recruit more muscle cells and so on or whether I’m also building up enough muscle mass by training strength specific as well for my goals and to what degree I am building muscle to have both goals relatively good combined.

I appreciate your time, help and answer.
Thank you!

Прокомментировал: Keg Wg

Karen V.Vavdareh
thanks for your useful tips
Прокомментировал: Karen V.Vavdareh

(1) is so true. I've come across several calisthenics athlete videos recently who have hit a plateau and moved to "greasing the grove" to improve further. Honestly adding eccentric reps at the end of each set brings good results without throwing your schedule out of the window.
Прокомментировал: clickaccept

Brian Winters
wow!!! 1:00 💪💪💪 Dan's 2019 gains being showcased.. awesome video!!!
Прокомментировал: Brian Winters

To be honest, the key to build muscle, is like you said, consistency. Stick to working out for years, and youll see results, its as simple as that.
Прокомментировал: Arkhust

Sven Zuidweg
High reps calisthenics will build muscle. Go watch Semi in YouTube. He will prove you wrong.
Прокомментировал: Sven Zuidweg

Osiris Wills
This is good advice and for me works well with the upper body. But how would this apply to the lower body? The legs simply need more load to max out around 8-12 reps. How could i achieve this without a barbell?
Прокомментировал: Osiris Wills

Jack FnTwist
You are insanely strong.
Прокомментировал: Jack FnTwist

Saitama Caped Baldy
#1 eat clean
#2 train hard and smart
#3 follow daniel.... (green and blue shorts if u wanna some ektra snack)

Прокомментировал: Saitama Caped Baldy

Excellent all round video explaining our training style!
Прокомментировал: CarrionCalisthenics

Mohamed Ashraf
How far some of these skills ! I do push ups with assistance band 🤒
Прокомментировал: Mohamed Ashraf

Aldave Desierdo
I'm on my 4th month in doing calisthenics and the progress is so good. Everyday i keep getting stronger at basics. Can't wait to get my muscle up this year!
Прокомментировал: Aldave Desierdo

Can we just get one thing cleared? That the guy in the video doesn't look like a body builder, not even approximately, he's super athletic yes, but this isn't an example of achieving bodybuilding via Calistenics, he's too slim for that imo.
Прокомментировал: KanedaSyndrome

Ian de Ronde
Why does he sound like he's about to yawn
Прокомментировал: Ian de Ronde

Henk Henksen
if you've built some solid muscle with calisthenics it looks just way more natural than with weight lifting.
Прокомментировал: Henk Henksen

Luke yeet
The 8 second part is good never would of thought like that
Прокомментировал: Luke yeet

stephen blaydes
Its common sense. Eat food. Increase resistance.
Прокомментировал: stephen blaydes

Tyler K.
Excellent video. I’ve made great gains over the past year and my buddies were always giving me shit that I don’t go to the gym and I won’t gain muscle if I don’t always lift. Thanks to you, Daniel and calisthenic movement I’ve learned sooo much. Training calisthenics is so much more enjoyable and interesting...I can do it in my bedroom, in the garden or at the park. Anytime I want. And at the end of the day you can do crazy looking skills that lifters can’t.
Прокомментировал: Tyler K.

Chris Erics
leg work!?? how
Прокомментировал: Chris Erics

al sarp
Checked out your website... do offer work out programs or does the 95.00 just cover tutorials? Thanks
Прокомментировал: al sarp

Pedro Solís García
Thanks Daniel! Quite a nice video!! One thing you didn’t mention! The same as you gave a recommended amount of reps in each dynamic move, would you also point out the recommended duration of isometric holds to optimize muscle growth?
Thanks!! 😊💪🏼

Прокомментировал: Pedro Solís García

ali al_Hassan Al_Khashashneh
Great explanation, but it would be better if you added a sort of a conclusion to you've said ( graphically)
Прокомментировал: ali al_Hassan Al_Khashashneh

Any tips for someone struggling with the L-sit / L-hang? I feel one part lacking is strength but another is flexibility. I've notoriously tight calves, even though I stretch them after each run (about 3 times a week). Do you know of any regimen or workout/flex routine that would target these two problems for the L-sit/L-hang?
Прокомментировал: aypierre

Satendra Baghel
Please make the video on height increasing with diet plan
Прокомментировал: Satendra Baghel

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